So you:

-Have a steady income but you’re greedy and want more income

-Retired but not really living the dream
-Retired but have extra time and would like to make extra cash
-Have a Boss that is a douche and you want to take a break and do your own thing
-Got laid “off” and you need to pay your bills soon.
-Swimming in debt and you want to get out of debt yesterday.

Maybe you have a sweet full time job but you are smart enough to know nothing lasts forever and you want to secure one or two more sources of income to be prepared for bad times. Maybe you retired but realized that Social Security Benefits are a joke and you need a source of income but don’t want to work for someone or you’re retired and just tired of fishing all day and want to do something else with your free time. The more likely scenario is that your boss is a booty hole and you simply want a few months away from everything until you start looking for something better. You might be a new subscriber to FinanceRite and you are still swimming in debt and want to pay those blood sucking creditors. Or maybe you just got fired and need quick money to pay your monthly expenses.
Whatever the reason may be or situation you are in, the importance of extra income is a no brainer. Here are three different ways to generate extra money. You can pick one or if you have the time, do all three of them.


If you have a car then you can probably be a driver with Uber/Lyft. What I love about Uber/Lyft is that you pick your own work hours. You can take advantage of the high demand on the weekend and work 3-5 hours a day on those days. Or maybe you have a 9-5 job but your husband/wife won’t miss you much if you drive with Uber for couple hours after work and make it home right at bed time (we don’t judge lol). We all have those 2-4 hours a day that we spend watching commercials on TV, so why not make extra cash instead.


If you have an extra space at home but you don’t want the drama of a roommate or maybe you want to rent it so when your in-laws are in town you can be like “sorry guys the guest room is rented” then listing this space on both Airbnb and Homeaway is the way to go. Airbnb and Homeaway are both great services for people who want to take advantage of the extra space in their home or apartment without the risk of renting it to creeps who like to take your underwear as a souvenir when you are out of the house. You can see reviews about the renters before accepting them. All you need to do is set up an account; take a couple of pictures of the room, not of yourself! (I’ve seen that before). You also need to take a few minutes to write the description of the amenities and rules of the space and boom you are done and officially a landlord.


If you can do anything, you can probably make money out of it on Fiverr. No joke I have seen some weird services being offered and the good news is that they sell really well because they are usually listed for $5. Maybe you are good at writing, drawing, marketing, technology or fitness. Whatever you are good at you can sell it for $5 and up. For example, you are good at marketing so you came up with steps for new small business owners to follow to market their business. This could be a document you set up once and simply email it every time someone orders.

Another service that is geared more towards freelancing is Upwork. Trust me, many people want your service and are willing to pay for a couple hours of your help in your area of expertise. You simply create a profile, a description of what you can offer and your hourly rate, and boom suck-a-laca you can now work as a freelancer.

Bottom line
The bottom line is that another source of income is important for many reasons. Secure a second, third or fourth source of income to simply earn extra cash, or just be ready for when things at your job go south.