About moe

Hi there, I am Moe founder of Finance Rite and I live in the sexy city of Austin, Texas. I started Finance Rite to help you make better decisions when it comes to your Personal Finance.

Whether you want to get out of debt, learn how to start investing or just want to laugh at and learn from my mistakes start here. At Finance Rite you can compare different financial products for free before deciding who to sign up with and trust with your personal information. We are committed to give you a 150% Honest, easy to read and straight to the point (not boring) opinion. I have no fancy education and I am not here to give you financial advice. I am just going to write about traps I fell in back in the day when I only had some credit cards and no financial knowledge. I guess you can figure out that I was drowning in debt at this time. I wasn’t responsible what so ever and I had one income which was delivering pizza and sometimes Chinese food.

After being in debt for a while, I decided to get on top of my finances because in the relationship between me and my finances, the finances were always on top, in other words debt had full control of my life. I wanted to take the lead and get on top…of the finances. So I started looking into ways to make extra money so that I could pay off the debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. I did not want to rely on one source of income and I wanted to learn how to make my money work for me. During this rollercoaster ride I learned many things and made many mistakes, but a couple of months ago I realized that I have been debt free for two years now. I have also established a well-diversified investment portfolio, a savings account that I would have never dreamed of in my age and an emergency funds account that will be there incase things went downhill in my day job. In other words, I changed from being very insecure about my financial life to a very confident position financially speaking. Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a rich guy, I am just like you trying to make the best of what’s out there and I decided to talk about and share my 2 cents with you. I learned how to be responsible and make the right financial decisions, such as, when and what credit card should I use to get the best rewards, how to invest without being a wall street geek and how to be prepared in case the economy went down in the toilet. I am not going to be telling you what to do here or selling you anything, I am just going to share my financial opinion with you.


Trust me if a guy who moved to the United States 4 years ago, knowing no one, absolute culture shock, didn’t even know that he should be following speed limits, and to call the cop Sir not “what’s up Bro” when he pulls you over, if that guy can learn and be financially fit, then so can you. Welcome to Finance Rite where the Rite Financial Decisions begin.