For 3 years in a row I used the Cash back rewards card from Bank of America for all of my household expenses. These included gas, groceries and all bills (except for Rent and car payment). I like to use one card for all my fixed expenses so I can know if I am following the budget or not.

The cash back rewards card gives 3% cash back on Gas, 2% on Groceries and 1% on everything else. You can redeem your cash back at any time as long as it’s more than $25 and trust me that will not be an issue. You will see the cash back add up really quickly. Below is a table showing my household expenses that support two adults with two cars.

Gas 3% Groceries 2% Everything else (bills Except Rent and Car payment) 1%

Cost:$150/Month or $1800/year

3% cash back/year =$1800*3% = $54

Cost:$700/Month or $8400/Year

2% cash back/year =$8400*2% = $168

Cost:$700/Month or $8400/Year

1% cash back/year = $8400*1% = $84

Total Cash Back/ year = $54 + $168 + $68 =$306

But wait! This is not all of the money you can get back. If you have a checking account with Bank of America and decide to redeem the cash back into your checking account you get 10% on top of your cash back. So let’s say at the end of the year I want to redeem the $306 into my checking. I’ll be getting $306+ ($306*10%)= $336.6

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