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Reports estimated that nearly around half of American never carry cash while moving out and prefer to pay with the help of debit and credit cards. Therefore gone are those days when people tended to throw those coins into piggy banks for longer period as this is no longer an effective way to collect your savings. But what if this whole process is done automatically electronically? By automatically investing the money (coins) somewhere each time when you swipe your card? And that is where  Acorns comes into the screen, an app committed to doing only this thing. This app rounds offs the transactions made by user to the next dollar and thus investing the total sum collected in different portfolios.

What is Acorns?

Acorns Investment boasts of being the very first mobile investment application that lets you to open an account via your Smartphone. All at the ease of your mobile phone, you simply need to connect your bank accounts and invest some penny from your day to day transactions. An Acorn is a creative and new platform that allows you to invest your excess money with the aim of either collecting or building your wealth or to reach any short term saving goals that you have.

Essentially the best thing about acorn is its ability to invest very little amounts of money. You can even invest small bucks in it. These are added in your account whenever you do a transaction and invested via acorns, so this assures that you are not dealing with huge sums of money. Basically app offers a great base for those people who don’t have any kind of expertise in it and need a bit of recommendations whenever they start their work.

You can choose from five different reasons for investing:-

  • Major purchase
  • Children
  • General
  • Long-term investment
  • Short-term investment

At the end your Social Security number will need to be submitted there, which will be used for your ID verification, for preventing fraud and sending tax reports.

How to Work on Acorns?

Acorn account interface is made of such an ease that even a simple person without much knowledge of finance could use it all you need to do is complete a short sign up process. Download the app and then follow the steps given below to complete three step signing process:-

  • Assigning a round up account
  • Checking account
  • Investment account
  • Long-term investment
  • Short-term investment

1. Choose a Round-Up Account

Now all of you must be thinking what is a Round-up account? It is actually that will be taken into consideration and will be checked for you and the transactions made with this account will be rounded off. Acorns currently offer all the popular banks which you can choose such as Wells Fargo, BoA, Chase, Citibank, U.S. Bank, USAA, etc. Now what if you bank isn’t listed in this? They offer you solution for the same all you need to do is tap ok and then type the name of you bank in the next search bar. Further they will want you to log into your bank account via net banking giving you sign in credential which are kept totally safe. Next you are allowed to click the account you’d like to use in your round-ups. You can connect more than one if you’d prefer.

2. Connect Your Checking Account

Now what is a checking account? You might be thinking of all the confusion that might occur between round – up – account and checking account, but acorns has provided solution for this also. It will let you to understand entire thing in proper manner. The checking account is basically the account from which the money is transferred out of into your Acorns account. Now again as in a Round up account you can again choose the existing checking account from the list and all you need to do is sign in to it using your online id and password. For those who don’t have their account listed on that list you need to manually search for your account and put your account number and then sign in. The best thing about Acorns is that it encrypts and protects all of the data with bank-level security.

3. Create an Investment Account

Now comes the third type of account this is your investment account that is the one that will be made up with the acorns. All you need to do is fill in your details with which you want to make the acorns account. Your name, phone number, date of birth (remember you need to be at least 18 years of age to have an acorns account) and choose a security question-answer. Then fill your address and zip code (you also need to be an U.S. citizen to have an acorns account.

Once all the signup boxes are checked green, click the “Get Started!” button.

Acorns Pricing

Another advantage offered by acorns is on the phase of pricing. It has quite nominal fees. Only $1 per month is charged on the account balances that have a account balance of less than $5000 and 0.25% per year is charged on account balances with balance of more than $5000. The biggest advantage comes for students who are not charged for any investment and it is totally free for anyone under 24 years of age. For those students who are older than 24 will have to use their education email address while signing up to receive free management tips.

The minimum balance of maintaining an account is nil however for starting an investment the minimum balance required should be $5. Even then the minimal of $5 can also be invested through Acorns so as to earn returns.

Methodology used by Acorns

ETF Selection: Acorns properly asses all the Exchange traded funds (ETFs) on the basis of their size expenses and liquidity offered by them.

Portfolio Selection: Acorns then asses your portfolio properly watching your goals, age, time span, risk tolerance and then choose a proper fund for you to invest in.

Portfolio Constructions: According to your portfolio and ETFs assessed it assigns you the ETF so that you could earn maximum returns. The optimal proportions of these assets are determined using the Modern Portfolio Theory.


Clink is a micro – saving service whose main target is Millennial, so as to make them invest and save. The service is free of cost and there is a choice of single asset allocation only. The service was mainly built for 20-somethings and make saving and investment easy and entertaining. Clink service basically connects to shopping and dining. While doing shopping or dining a percentage of the bill will automatically add to your Clink account and later invested in stock portfolio account.

The basic idea of creating the service was given by Eyal Fruchtman to attract Millennial whose saving rate is always negative. Clink was founded in February 2014 and officially launched in the year 2016. The service is for all those who want to have secure future regardless of their age. But the major users of the service are in the age group 20 to 35 years.

Main requirements which Millennial wanted through Clink were:

  • They require a saving app in which there is no need of minimum deposit to start.
  • It show detailed budget statement.
  • A service which is fully accessible by mobile phone.
  • A service which works easily and has no ongoing fees.
  • They want a service through which they can save small amounts of money every month.

How to open an Account on Clink?

You can sign up to clink by the website or by the app. For creating an account you have to download the application and enter the details required for opening the account and connect your account to the clink for starting investment. Clink account is also accessed online and you can provide all your details for making investments so as to make your future secure.

By linking your account to clink account the user can decide how much amount of money he would like to contribute to his portfolio. The scheduler at Clink service decides you to choose the days when you want to add money to clink account and choose a set amount. The two major ways of investment are:

  1. You can choose a fixed amount like $5 dollars in a week or $1 Dollar per day which is credited to your clink account from checking account and invested in ETF based portfolio which work on Modern Portfolio theory.
  2. Another way is you can link your credit card and set up a fixed percentage which is deducted every time when you use your card.

Where are the Clink Funds Invested?

The money in the clink account is used for investment in various ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) which is basically an investment fund traded on the stock exchange and contains various assets such bonds, commodities and stocks. The algorithm at Clink which manages your investment chooses a low-risk portfolio which is best suitable for you. The main aim of the theory is to provide the maximum return at minimum risk. The theory focuses on the point that higher the risks, higher the gains. However, the investments are not guaranteed at clink. There are chances of even losing principal amount also.

The asset allocation is made in the following ways:

Assets Allocation
1. US Stocks Vanguard 500 ETF(VOO)
2. European Stocks Vanguard FTSE(VGK)
3. Emerging markets Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF(VWO)
4. World Bonds Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND)
5. US Corporate Bonds Vanguard Intermediate-Term Corp Bonds ETF (VCIT)

With the clink, there is a choice of only one portfolio and you cannot switch to another one but all the funds at clink track their index very closely.

Security level at Clink

Clink offer security measures at banking level and protect your personal information in the best possible way. The password and Social Security Number are secured with SSL and 256—bit encryption. The personal information is not stored at clink. The banking credentials are used once for the verification of your account and credit card information is secured by Yodlee whose main function is to provide wealth management technology and variety of services to investment advisors.

All the investments up to $50,000 are secured with SIPC and in case, the security fails in that case you will be paid an amount up to $50,000.

Important Features of the Clink

The important features of clink which make it different from other saving devices are:

  • No need of Minimum Deposit: There is no need of depositing a single penny in your clink account unlike other saving devices such as Acron and Digit which charge $1 per month and 0.25 percent per year for accounts above $5,000 and either makes money by charging interest on your savings.
  • Flexible options to save and invest: You can save and invest in your clink account every time you go for shopping or dining.
  • SIPC insured investments: All the investments in your clink account are SIPC insured and if there is a failure in security then you can recover up to $50,000.
  • IFully accessible from mobile and website: The app is easily used by mobile interface users and work well with Android, I-Phone and also accessible by the website.
  • Scheduled savings and Amount of savings: You can set the time to save i.e. every day, weekly, monthly etc. Also, you can choose the amount of money $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and so on.


So, we can say that Clink is an intuitive free of cost application which provides you with easily accessible platform where you can invest money in wide varieties of the portfolio. It is the best option to get started for those who have never invested money before and don’t even have knowledge about where to invest. With Clink, you can start investing small amounts of money on the regular basis without any affect on your lifestyle.

Clink invests your money in a variety of ETFs and other investment vehicles. ETFs are very easy to trade and low cost as compared to mutual funds and provide you with the chances of investing in many assets. The clink is basically designed by keeping in mind busy Millennial which are out there and it offers larger deposits at low cost with retirement accounts also. Clink is recently planning to introduce a new saving feature in 2016 which will allow the users to save while buying with online affiliates through a loyalty program.


Digit is an automated saving device which encourages the habit of saving and it is based on a technology which makes saving money easy just as typing a message. It is free of cost service which requires no minimum balance and unlimited transfers. In other words, Hello Digit is a micro-saving account whose basic purpose is to save a small amount of money not considering your income. As said by the CEO of the Digit Ethan Bloch, the main aim of the Digit is to make savings easy and tension free as well as automatic. Digit is basically for those people who use web and technology in their day to day life such as Uber, Instacart, Venmo etc. and if one is looking for technology based automatic saving process Digit is the best way to start.

Steps on How Digit Works

  • For using Digit App you need to connect with your checking account, then digit will scrutinize your income and spending habits and finalise small amounts of money that can be kept aside for you. The Digit makes use of 128-bit bank level security and the entire bank login is not stored in Digit.
  • After 2 or 3 days Digit shifts some money between $5to $50 from the checking account to Digit Account. The amount transferred is always between your affordability and there is no botheration about over-drafting.
  • Whenever you need your saving amount just do a text message to Digit and all the savings in Digit account are automatically shifted to checking account.

The savings made in Digit account are FDIC insured up to $250,000. The minimum transfer is about $9 on an average but sometimes it can be more or less depending on the amount in the personal account. The main signals that control Digit saving habit are checking balance in account, upcoming income, upcoming bills and spending patterns of the account holder. All these variables allow digit to decide an amount which is unnoticeable and can be transferred from the accounts without any effect on spending.

Cost and Important Features of Digit

The Digit provide you saving free of cost and also there is no hidden cost. For every dollar in your Digit account, you can get 0.05% return after three months. In every week, Digit makes a check over your account and for the savings not used for three months it bonus you with 5 cents for every $100. For checking your next reward amount you have to message Digit Plus or just check on your dashboard to make a track of the earned money.

There is also an Apple iOS app for I-phone users and new Android app is also being planned so as to provide more convenience to its users. Here you have to just text Digit for any queries. The app is totally secured as it is SSL secured and requires internet bandwidth only. With text messages, you can perform all the banking transactions, check your balance, make withdrawals, save money and see your upcoming bills without making use of the computer. In case if you want to stop savings for sometime what you have to do is just make a text message writing PAUSE at your digit account. You can also limit the number of text messages received to one in a week, one in a day and so on as per your requirements.

How does Digit Make Money?

The question that how does digit make money is very common in the minds of people as the app is free of cost. It just earns some amount of interest on your money and pays you a small amount of that interest i.e. 0.05%.

How does Digit Make Money?

Opening an Account with Digit is very easy. You just have to go to the app and click Signup. After this, just enter your personal details such as Name, Email address and password and your account will be opened. However, you have to fulfil some conditions in order to open your account. Some of them are as follows:

  • You must be a citizen of United States and is above 18 years.
  • You must have a bank account with any of the financial institutions in U.S.
  • The information provided by you is accurate and updated.
  • The documents required by digit prior to opening account are a Copy of driving license or Passport, a copy of utility bill, affidavit, and any other bill to verify you address.

Benefits of Digit

  • Automatic savings: To do savings with the digit is a very easy process and can be done just at one click as sending a text message. In case if you do not want to make any transfers you can pause this by just sending a text message to Digit.
  • $5 for every Referral: The best thing about Digit is that you can get $5 for every new referral and in this way you can increase your savings.
  • Bank Level security: All your money is totally safe with Digit because it uses state of the art security measures. All the information of the users is encrypted and securely stored. And funds are FDIC insured.

Other Information Regarding Digit

You cannot use the funds in your digit account for making any kind of purchases and transfer them to third parties. As digit is not a Financial Advisor it is just a saving device so before using Digit you must take advice from your financial advisor and get all the additional information about the App. You can use the saving app for your personal use only and not for benefits of any third party.


In the end, we can say that Digit is one of the best automated saving devices for residents of U.S. without incurring any type of cost and without any burden on the account holder. The basic aim of the app is to encourage small savings in order to face any kind of emergencies in future because with Digit you can withdraw all the amount of money in your digit account at the time of need by just sending a text message.


Plenti is a reward program which was launched on May 4, 2015 and created by American Express. It was created with the aim of motivating shoppers so as to earn reward points through variety of purchases. It enables users to earn reward points at one retailer and use those points at another retailer enrolled in the program. Some of the active participating retailers of Plenti include Direct Energy, AT&T Mobility, ExxonMobil, Enterprise Rent –A-Car, Hulu, Nationwide Insurance, Macy’s and Rite Aid.

What Exactly Plenti Mean?

Plenti in simple words is a new reward program which works in a similar way in which any other reward programs works so as to let their users to earn reward points and purchase goodies. With Plenti you can earn points with several retailers and for this there is no need to have any credit card to earn points. It is similar to as thinking of a drug store loyalty or grocery card which works at different kind of stores and shops available.

You can also earn Plenti points on your cash back or other rewards which you are already earning on your attached credit cards.

For example every 1,000 Plenti points makes total of $10 or more and you can use the same amount on any purchase with Mobil, Macy’s, Exxon and Rite Aid by simply using your required Plenti Card or by providing your personal phone number.

Best ways to earn Plenti Points

There are basically two major ways with which you can earn your Plenti Points. It is explained as below:

1. Automatically Earning Points

The first method to earn Plenti Points automatically is through doing shopping or any other business activities with the companies which are participating with Plenti Points. For this all you need is to register or link your account so as to start earning points through some businesses. There is no need to have any special credit card for that but you will need your genuine credit card in order to pay for your purchases.

2. Activating all specific offers in Advance

You are always going to earn some Plenti points when you are going to purchase something from all the stores which have their tie – up with Plenti. Another benefit which you get is that you can earn even more Plenti points by registering for some special deals online. Once you sign up with Plenti, or download its required app you can see all the required details there. Also Plenti wants all their members to be active and participate in offers which Plenti is offering and for this the firm is ready to offers some more points in case you register with them in advance.

How many Plenti Points that you can earn?

Plenti always want their customers to more points with them and for this their offers keep on changing. Meaning that your earning will not be stable and special deals and promotion which you might see can be there for few minutes or days. With this Plenti entice you to shop with participating merchants.

In general participating users will be getting at least one point per dollar which they spend with each merchant. For example with every participating company you will be getting different points which totally depend upon the policies which those companies are having.

Using your Plenti Points

Plenti points can be used for part of purchases which are done at some registered companies such as Rite Aid, Exxon, and Mobil etc. When done with shopping with these stores, all you need is to swipe your card and input your card number or phone number at the time of payments. Your points will be deducted automatically at the time of your payments of your purchases.

Redeeming your Plenti Points

You can redeem some of your Plenti Points on the spot with participating merchants. You are also given option to redeem your Plenti points online. There is no way that your Plenti points will not be sent to you at the time of your purchase, therefore there is no need to worry for your required Plenti points.

Getting Registered with Plenti

Opening an account at is very easy and it will hardly take ten minutes to complete your signup process. You need to submit all the necessary details such as Name, address, DOB, email address and the required pin for completion of the process.

Also there is a need to link your Plenti rewards account with some of the participating stores separately so as to avail exciting offers and deals. Moreover there are some of the Plenti partners which don’t require such linking as with them you will automatically earn your Plenti points when you swipe your Plenti card or submit your registered phone number to them.

One thing which you need to remember is that your Plenti card is not your credit card; it will be just a loyalty card which you can use in some stores so as to earn some Plenti points.

Exact Worth of your Plenti Points

The real worth of your Plenti points is as least one cent each. Therefore if you are able to collect 1,000 Plenti points than you will be getting at least $10 as a reward of your purchases done by you.


SmartyPig is an online Piggy bank which fulfils the need of organizing our money to save for multiple financial goals. The motto of SmartyPig is Simple and Smart Saving. The service is free of cost; FDIC insured and it is also a micro saving product. At SmartyPig, you can save for buying a new house, a car and even for small goals such as vacation and buy a new computer or Laptop. By just creating a goal and setting up an automatic transfer from the bank account you can start saving with this app. The Owners of the app Michael Ferrari and Jon Gaskell introduced this service for encouraging small financial goals without any debt. SmartyPig is, however a self-managed account and it does not offer any kind of joint account. But you may add someone as Payable on Death nominee for your SmartyPig account. The primary user has full access to his account and he can decide only the View only or limited access designation to his nominee.

How to create an Account with SmartyPig

For creating an account with SmartyPig you just have to go to the website and then click at creating account button. The basic requirements for opening account are:

  • You must be 18 years old and a permanent resident or Green Card Holder of U.S.
  • You must have an already existing saving or checking Account in one of the U.S. Institutions.
  • You have to submit a copy of Driving Licence and submit your Social Security Number, address, Email ID, Date of Birth and Mobile Number. The information provided by you is encrypted and remain secret until you won’t disclose it yourself.

All this process can take just a few minutes and after the verification of your email and phone number your account is created.

Setting Up a New Goal

After setting up a new account, the Dashboard area will show an option where current goals will be displayed. Just click on the option add a New Goal and set up a new goal. After that name the goal according to what you are saving and then decide how much you want to save.

Funding your account

You have to set up Initial deposit which is to be more than $25 and then choose the date till which you want to achieve the goal. Set up the bank account from which automatic transfers will take place.

Setting Up of recurring deposit

After all the process is completed you have to set up a recurring deposit i.e. you can either deposit monthly, weekly or one time transfer as per your convenience. The service also provides you with recommendations which are based on your goal that how much you require saving. You can also set manual saving amount as per your requirement. After confirmation of new goal the initial deposit is transferred from your account to SmartyPig account. The banking partner of the service is U.S. based BBVA compass.

Important Features of SmartyPig

  • The best feature of the SmartyPig which makes it different from other micro saving apps is that you can publicize your progress details on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and also get contributions from friends and family who are following you. But in that case, you are charged with convenience fees of 2.9% and they can transfer funds from $10 to $250.
  • Another feature of SmartyPig is that money you save in your account is secured with BBVA compass and is FDIC insured. You can earn interest on your savings depending on your saving amount. For an amount up to $50,000, you will earn an interest of 0.75%. And for above than $50,000 interest earned is 0.748%.
  • The third Feature of SmartyPig is that at the time of withdrawal you are given three options such as retail gift card, SmartyPig MasterCard Debit card, Bank deposit and you have to choose one option out of them.

SmartyPig Mobile Application

The SmartyPig also has a mobile app for I-phone and Android phone users. You can see the current status of your goals, history of all transactions and also transfer additional funds to you or your friend’s account with the help of mobile App. Also, updates to Facebook and Twitter are posted. The mobile app has a 4-digit security code and it is also free of cost.

Benefits of SmartyPig

  1. The opening of account requires no money: the best thing about SmartyPig is that it is free of cost service. You can open your account without any fees and use the services on Mobile and desktop for achieving your savings goals.
  2. Separate goal accounts: You can set up multiple goals and then set different deposits amount for every month. After reaching a particular goal you can start saving for new one.
  3. Interest bearing Accounts: The amounts of money in your SmartyPig account will earn you interest either you have reached your goal but have not withdrawn money from the account.
  4. Encourage Savings Habit: By saving a fixed amount of money every month in SmartyPig you can develop a saving habit which will prove beneficial for you in the long run.


In the end, we can say that SmartyPig is the best option if you are saving for short term and the best place to make secure your emergency funds. SmartyPig provides you with the best tools to reach your goals faster. You can save for a wedding, Birthday clothing and anything you desire. Once you achieve your goal SmartyPig expands your buying power by offering Retailer Gift Cards with a large amount of cash saving. You can send money and get back interest in your account according to your interest.

Also, all the information you provide with SmartyPig is secured end to end. The security of accounts and information provided by users is maintained by Integrity Software, Digicert, Trustwave, and McAfee Secure. After 15 minutes of your inactivity, you are automatically logged off.


Stash Invest is an investment app for your smart phone that is totally automated and allows you to invest anything as little as $5. It is automated means it works with the help of algorithms to plough and sow your investments and helps you harvest great earnings. Stash has an eye pleasing interface that is simple and very easy to get started.

Stash is a kind of micro savings robotic advisor which is making its way into the hearts of many investors. Just as other robo-advisors Stash makes investment recommendations, but actual investing is totally done by users which give users an exciting experience of the market. Stash is growing rapidly and currently has some 50,000 active users.

How to get connected with Stash?

All you need is to go through an easy sign up process and then you need to complete a questionnaire that determines your risk level and aim of your investment. After completion of the questionnaire Stash presents you with a list of investment options from which to choose. This choice provided by stash actually gives you more elasticity and control on your portfolio than any other typical robo-advisors offer.

Stash focuses on those people who truly want to become investors, choose investments and know where their money is going. But many people are unable to do that due to large amount of sums involved in this and therefore earning a big amount remain a mere dream but with Stash the situation is totally different as it offers 30 different types of plan in which you can invest any amount of sums which could be as minimum as $5.

How Does Stash Invest Work?

Conditions for opening an account with Stash

  • Social security number
  • Evidence of US citizenship
  • Information to link your bank account
  • You must be 18 years of age
  • Available only in US though there exist some plans to make it international

After all this, Stash determines your investment risk level by offering you to answer a questionnaire. Once decided, your risk level cannot be changed, however by going into the app and revising your suitability questions may change your risk level. Also other things determining you risk level will be how conservative, moderate or aggressive is your age, your investment time horizon and your investment goals. Each risk level you have selected has its own recommended investments. Stash offers a lot more investment options than any of its competitors. You will be given a choice of about 30 investments consistent with your risk level, from which you can choose for your investments. Once you have been provided the required information, which should take no more than minute or two, you can download the Stash Invest app.

After that your linked bank account will be verified using a micro deposit. Stash will make a very small deposit into your bank account, which you will need to verify. This process could take up to six business days.

Once after your account is established, you’ll be able to add or subtract money to and from your linked bank account, using the Stash Deposit screen. However, Stash limits the Deposits and withdrawals to $10,000 per day due to security concerns. Also, you can link only one bank account to your Stash account. But you will continue to earn interest on un-ploughed cash balances.

For Who Stash is basically for?

Stash Invest is actually designed for people who has just started investing or can’t take any such headache and want an easy and automatic thing for managing funds and let it accumulate. The Stash app helps investors in learning a lot about invest­ing to build an expertise over your deci­sion mak­ing and habit. The app is basically meant for peo­ple who want to have spe­cific invest­ments that just match upon their values. Their aim and focus towards this goal is given proper care by Stash.

Stash Features and Pricing

  • ETFs and individual stocks are traded — Investment option offered by stash are usually exchange traded funds however unlike the other robo advisors in market Stash offers some individual stocks too. It let you to make an investment according to your risk level out of thousands of investments.
  • Protection from SIPC — As Stash is registered with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) therefore funds are protected through the clearing agency (see below).
  • Third-party Clearing Agency — Investments with Stash are held through Apex Clearing Corporation. Apex is the firm that handles custody of assets, reporting, trade confirmation, settlement and securities delivery in Stash.
  • Annual Fees — Stash is currently offering the service free for the first three months. After that, they charge a subscription fee of $1 per month ($12 per year) on account balances up to $4,999. Once your account reaches $5,000 the annual fee becomes 0.25% of your balance. Electronic statements and trade confirmations are free, but they will charge $2 for paper confirmations and $5 for paper statements.
  • $5 Minimum deposit — Stash allows you to hold fractional shares; they can split a single share of a stock or ETF between several investors on the platform.
  • Social Media Sharing — Stash enables you to share investments with your friends. The social sharing option is off by default. Stash limits how much of your information will be shared on social media.
  • Security — Stash is a Registered Advisor and it is regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The app uses 256-bit encryption to secure your information. It also uses secure sockets layer (SSL) to protect information sent between Stash and their servers. In addition, Stash does not store your bank login information.
  • Mobile App — Stash Invest is available for iOS, and has newly support Android as well. Web based access is not an option.
  • Auto Stash (New) — Set scheduled times to make deposit into your Stash Invest account.


  • Variety of Investment Options
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Minimal Fees on Small Accounts 
  • Less amount of Minimum Deposit required


  • Delayed Trading Execution 
  • No Web Site Access 
  • Costly for Larger Accounts