Credit Sesame is a credit and personal finance website which provides free of cost details of credit score, credit monitoring and protection of Identity theft without any credit card and a subscription to obtain the credit score. The company was launched in 2010 and was founded by Adrian Nazari. The headquarters of the company in located in California. Unlike other credit monitoring firms Credit Sesame provides all the tools for consumers to control and manage their credit score and improve their financial status. Along with credit scores the website provides many other financial benefits to its customers. It is becoming popular these days as most of the consumers these days want to improve their credit score and achieve their financial goals.

Why to Use Credit Sesame?

There are many reasons which make Credit Sesame one of the best websites. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The Credit Sesame is a financial tool which is free of cost and provides you with numerous benefits.
  • There is no need of Credit Card for knowing credit scores and other financial information.
  • There are no trial periods while using Credit Sesame.
  • It is very simple and easy to get registered with Credit Sesame. What you have to do is just type the last two digits of your Social Security Number and answer security questions. After that, you will be able to see your credit score.
  • All the information provided by you will be kept secured and safe with Credit Sesame.

How to open an account with Credit Sesame?

You can open your account at Credit Sesame in just one minute. At the time of creating an account all you need to do is to enter your email Id and password and click the sign up button. You are done with your profile and now you can understand your credit profile, access financial tools and control you finances easily.

Credit Sesame Offerings

Credit Sesame provides you with best financial tools and multiple facilities all at one click. Some important offerings of Credit Sesame are

1. Free Credit Score and Financial Support:

At Credit Sesame, customers can get tips on how to increase their credit score and improve their financial status with no cost and hidden fees. The website also provides advice on what you need to do to improve your financial condition and credit score and how you can achieve your financial goals.

2. Insurance against Identity Theft

The Company also recovers those consumers who become victims of identity theft and give them $50,000 as insurance amount. The company also provide a direct connection with Identity theft specialists to resolve the fraud issues and help to restore your identity. They also give higher level security to those who have become advanced Credit Sesame member.

3. Regular Monitoring System

The website offers a daily alert and monitoring system which gives customers updates about their scores and inform them about changes in credit reports. In fact, it manages the whole financial world and also gives notifications about credit cards with low-interest rates, loan options, and advice on how to increase your credit score. You can adjust the frequency of alerts according to your requirements such as daily, weekly, monthly etc.

4. Financial Analysis based on Graphs

You can easily track your financial progress or scores because all your information is presented in the form of graphs which are created every month on the basis of credit profiles and financial goals. The chart provides you with all the data necessary for overall management of your credit scores and you can also set new goals on the basis of this data.

5. Safety and Security of Information

At Credit sesame all the personal and financial information of users is fully safe and secured as the company makes the use of encryption methods for the security of data. In Case of any theft of information, you are provided with insurance and help from specialists.

Credit Sesame Offerings

  • Credit Card: Credit Sesame advice you about the best-suited credit card for you according to your financial status. The entire process is carried online and you can get the best deals. The Credit Sesame offers an advanced algorithm for specifying credit card which will match your requirements and credit score history..
  • Free Credit Score: At Credit Sesame, you can know your credit score easily just by signing in and completing few easy steps. You can also monitor your credit score and get alerts when there are any changes regarding balance, new accounts, late payments etc and if there is something suspicious about your account you are informed about that.
  • Free Credit Report: At Credit Sesame, you are provided with your credit reports on a regular basis to make a check over inaccuracies and improve your financial health. A credit report card is provided by credit sesame in order to make your financial future better.
  • Free Credit Monitoring: Credit Sesame fulfils all your needs regarding credit monitoring. All the information is checked daily at three bureaus and if anyone tries to steal your information it will discover the problem and inform you about that.
  • All the information provided by you will be kept secured and safe with Credit Sesame.

Credit Sesame Mobile App

With the Mobile App of Credit Sesame you can access your financial information by sitting anywhere. What you have to do is; download the app and set a four-digit PIN number to safeguard your information. The app is available for I-Phone, Android phone and Kindle.

Credit Sesame Summary

Credit Sesame is free of cost financial aid to provide better financing options to the people of United States only. It gives details about credit monitoring, credit report card and alerts, free loan analysis and recommendations and free tips and tools. It also informs about overpayment of loans and credit card and provides you with free management facilities. The charts and graphs inform you about improvement in financial picture and you can easily keep a track over loan payments, interest rates, credit score and credit ratios. It also gives you advice on how you can save your money on credit cards, home loans, auto loans etc.