Credit.com provides understanding of your credit and gives you various tools and information required for making important financial decisions. It was founded by Adam Levin in 1977 who was director of New Jersey Consumer Affairs. It provides free of cost access to credit scores and free credit monitoring services. It also offers various financial tools for the convenience of customers. You can easily understand your credit standing and manage your credit for better future. After making an account free of cost with credit.com you can get all information about your credit without the need of credit card. Also, you can enjoy advice from experts about credit report and how to manage your credit score, all this with full safety and security. The credit.com account is updated every month for the ease of customers, therefore making it most easy platform to understand your financial decisions.

Opening an account with Credit.com

You can create your account at Credit.com in a minute or so by entering your details and Social Security Number and just by clicking log in the option you can get signed in and check your credit score without any loss of credit. Click on the link to open account with Credit.com.

Services provided by Credit.com

Credit.com was basically created so as to make it easier for customers to understand their financial requirements and make credit decisions easily. Some of the major services provided by Credit.com include:

Credit scores and credit reports

Unlike other credit monitoring services credit.com provides you credit score which is a three digit number based on your credits and it gives detailed information about your credits in credit reports and report cards. The specific scoring categories in the report card are:

  • Payment history of your bills, car loans, home loans etc.
  • Debt usage
  • The age of your credit.
  • Account mix
  • Enquiries regarding your credit

Credit Card

Credit.com provides you with the best credit card by comparing 120 offers and card finder tool which further choose most suited cards for you. What you need to do is give your clean, civil, honest and private information truly. The options for credit cards at credit.com are business cards, credit card for bad credit, for good credit, for rewards, for no annual fees, for secured credit, excellent credit, for airlines miles, for students, for cash back, for hotel credit and for no credit. The Credit card finder finds the best card depending on your spending habits, financial conditions etc.

Debt Management

At credit.com you can get to know how to control your debt in a smart way without any harm to your credit score. They also explain your rights as a borrower and give an explanation about Bankruptcy options. What you have to do is set up your custom action plan after paying off the debt. With Credit.com you get different tools of Debt management, how to get out of debt, different strategies for consolidating your debt and make you aware of debt consolidation traps.

Mortgage Advice

By taking help of experts at credit.com you can understand the buying and financing process of mortgages to make smarter decisions. You can get tips on how to take a home loan at best rates and deals. With credit.com you can get knowledge about mortgage lender, real estate agent, choose the best price and time for refinancing. Also, you can get to know that how these decisions can affect the credit score.

Personal Finance

The experts at credit.com give you advice and insights regarding your personal finance and also suggest you how to control your finances and spending by the best budgeting practices. You also get knowledge about how your financial decisions are hindered by low credit score.

Credit Monitoring

The credit.com makes use of Experian Credit Tracker which is cretin monitoring tool that helps to know about the changes made by some unknown person in credit scores and reports. In this way, credit monitoring is an important feature which controls and detects identity theft. New members are subscribed services for $1 in the first week and later charged $21 per month.

Security and Safety of Personal information at Credit.com

Credit.com helps its customers to shop online securely and safely. It provides identity theft assistance so your information is completely safe. The policy followed by credit.com is very strict and include the following points:

  1. The email address of its customers is kept secret from third parties who are not related with them.
  2. It encrypts all the sensitive data and stores it for an interim period.
  3. It does not rent and sell your private information to third parties.
  4. It does not tolerate the email abuse in any case.

The technology team of Credit.com works best so as to maintain security at every step and take measures by contacting its security partners such as VeriSign, TRUSTe, Bradstreet, Qualys etc to meet the high standards of security.

Calculators by Credit.com

Credit.com offers free calculators for calculating home and auto loan, retirement plans, saving goals etc. The result is provided instantly without the need of any filling of forms. Main calculators offered at Credit.com are:

  • Debt to income Calculator: It estimates your affordability to borrow on the basis of Debt load.
  • Credit card Payoff Calculator: It measures the total time taken to pay off your bills of credit card and become debt free along with savings if you pay more amount as credit card payments.
  • Auto loan Calculator: It allows you to calculate the best auto to be bought in terms of rates and quality by comparing different options.
  • Personal Loan Calculator: It calculates how much time it is required to pay monthly by entering the amount of loan.