Experian is a worldwide service group and public company which operates in nearly 40 countries and has its headquarters in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. It was founded in 1996 and it is owned by Don Robert and Chairman Brian Cassin. The company provides many services like credit services, marketing services and consumer services. You can buy your credit report and credit score from Experian. It uses a plus score model to calculate financial risk. This plus score model gives a general view about how your lender will calculate your credit score.

Services provided at Experian

The Experian provide multiple services to its customers, business employees and marketers which are discussed below:

  • Customers Services

Some of the major customer services include:

1. Credit Monitoring

At Experian, the credit monitoring services are available by which customers can track their credit reports for some months and check their accuracy. In case any change is tracked by Experian, you will get alert on your mobile phone. If anyone tries to misuse your information you can create a dispute with the help of Experian. Experian is the owner of some other credit monitoring websites such as Free CreditReport.com, FreeCreditScore.com, CreditScore.com and CreditReport.com. All these websites are part of Experian but their features are different from each other.

2. Credit Report and Score

With Experian, what you have to do is just make one-time purchase of your Credit Report and Score. There is no need to get any monthly subscription. Your credit information report provides information regarding credit accounts and all the details of credit applications. It also contains detailed history of loans, credit cards, payments, inquiries etc. The report given by Experian plays an important role to obtain credit by you. The process to obtain a Credit Report is very simple and you can get it online also by submitting money as fees and answering few simple questions for the authentication of your ID.

  • Business services

Experian offers multiple services to business and some of them are listed as follows:

  1. Acquire the customers: The Experian gives arrangement of solutions for companies to build everlasting relationships with its customers and suggest the companies to provide such offer which meets the needs of customer and objectives of the organisation together.
  2. Management of Customers: In today’s competitive world Experian delivers the insights which enable the companies to fulfil needs of their customers and make such strategies which can help them to build good and long lasting relationships with their customers.
  3. Prevention from Identity Theft: At Experian, the customers ID is fully protected by Prove ID Link which is an automatic identity and address verification service. It is an online verification place to check your identity.
  4. Decision Management: The Experian provides Power Curve which helps in decision management and improves the decision-making capacity of businesses. It is a platform where business can design its strategy and execute that strategy. With good decision-making power in hands, business can make the best use of available data and take the beneficial decisions for its customers.
  5. 5. Easy Debt Collection Devices: Experian provides debt management devices for business so that the process of collection of debt becomes automatic and streamlined. The solutions of Experian make it easy to do effective debt recovery by identifying the debtors and communicating with them.
  6. 6. Information about business: Experian makes the business information reports about a particular business which helps other business, agencies, exporters etc. about credit worthiness and financial conditions of that business.
  • Marketing services

The Experian also gives marketing services such as consulting services and analytical services which is explained below:

  1. Consulting Services: At Experian, marketers can get services by experienced consultants about market strategy and consumer insights to achieve the best performance and ROI. The consultants make use of data and create market Intelligence to help their clients in establishing good relationships with their customers.
  2. Analytical Services: The Market Analytics team of Experian help the marketers to influence data and consumer insight with the help of data modelling and analytics.

How to become a Member of the Experian

For becoming a member you have to fill the account opening documents and either you can e-mail them at the address given on the form or account manager personally collects them from you. After establishing your connectivity with Experian you can make use your search inquiry. The company provides you with your login information and training required to operate your account.

Other important information regarding Experian includes:

  • The Experian allows access to individuals only but at 12 places in the world it also gives online reports of non-individuals.
  • If anyone checks his credit report a footprint is left there which inform about the check but it does not affect the credit rating of customers.
  • In case, a lender checks the credit information of a person a footprint is recorded about what search he has exactly made about the consumer.
  • In case, if more than one user wants to access the same account Experian provide them with different username and passwords to access the system. And all the information is available to closed group only.
  • Only those lenders can access the credit information of customers who are members of Experian Credit Information Company and by following certain rules and regulations.
  • The searches you made to credit account are recorded in previous search area and this area keeps track of all searches made in one year.

Experian Summary

It is clear that Experian not only focuses on credit reports and scores but also provide marketing services, business services and customer services at its best. Experian is a global service provider of consumer insights and data quality. It has a unique combination of high-class software, data and services which help to solve the challenges faced by business and organizations and help the clients to control and examine the contact data so that they can make the best decision based on the correct information. It also helps to keep a check over the fraudulent practices in order to make the data secure and safe.