Fidelity Investments is a multi-national financial service corporation owned and managed by America. The company was inaugurated in 1946 and is serving investors from all over the world. It manages a variety of mutual funds; provide brokerage service, retirement services, life insurance, wealth management and many other financial services. It also runs online discount brokerage and there are about 140 investor centre in all over the U.S. Other benefits provided by the company are pension administration, health and welfare administration, payroll and other services.

The Fidelity management serves about 23 million users which include retail investors and institutional investors and it is ranked second in the list of mutual fund companies having assets of nearly $2.03 trillion as calculated in year 2010.

Fidelity Investment Key Features

Like other online discount brokerage companies Fidelity works for providing benefits to their new and existing members because of some key features which are as follows:

  • It charges $7.95 for every trade and for all types of equities.
  • It offers about 65 ETFs without any commission fees.
  • It offers multiple choices for investment such as stocks, bonds and more than 4700 mutual and non-mutual funds.
  • It also provides a visa card for depositing cash directly in the brokerage account.

How to open an Account with Fidelity Investments

The opening of a new account is very easy with Fidelity. It requires completing of few simple steps. Some basic types of accounts which you can offer with Fidelity Investments are detailed as:

  • Brokerage account

This is a cheap account with an online trading of stocks, mutual funds, options and tools for investors. It offers more than 70 ETFs as compared to other brokerage companies.

  • Cash Management account

Cash Management account has all the ATM fees refunded. There is no need to maintain any minimum deposit in your account. The amount you deposit in this account is eligible for FDIC insurance and interest produced on this deposit is nearly five times more than any bank.

  • Rollover to IRA Account

You can merge your 401(k) account in Fidelity Rollover IRA. By doing this you can get the advantage of retirement savings and is able to take benefits of a number of investments and services.

  • Traditional IRA account

By opening an account in Traditional IRA the deposits may become tax-deductible and it is good if you want to enjoy the benefits of tax savings now.

  • Roth IRA

With Roth IRA account you can enjoy tax-free growth after making tax contributions and there is no need for minimum distribution during the whole life of the owner. There is no need to update your account with $2500, if the funds are automatically transferred from your bank account.

  • Saving for education Or 529 College Saving Account

The purpose of this account is to encourage college savings. By investing in any plan at Fidelity you can use those funds in most of the accredited schools all over the nation. There is need of $50 minimum deposit to open the account and the tools provided by the company help you to calculate fees of the college and adapt a strategy for savings.

  • Managed Accounts

This account offers money management in a professional way you can approach proprietary research by model portfolios of mutual funds. There is need of minimum investment of $50,000 and annual advisory fees will be automatically charged by the company.

To open account you can simple click here.

Main platforms provided by Fidelity Investments

Active Traders Pro Platform: By using Active Trader Pro Platform you can easily do online trading and portfolio management at your desktop. Other reasons to use Active Trader Pro are:

  1. You can get full access to charts, news, alerts, easy exit and entry ways.
  2. You can get to know about balances, history and positions with tax details.
  3. You can get streamed customizable quotes and watch lists.

Mobile App: The mobile App offered by Fidelity can be used on platforms like I-Pad, I-Phone, Android or Windows phone 8. The main advantages of using mobile app are:

  1. You can view your Trade stocks, ETFs and Options anywhere and anytime.
  2. You can view balance, watch list and able to get quotes without logging in your account.
  3. Check the position of your accounts and securities.
  4. Get informed about the recent news and views about the market.
  5. You can get information about top gainers, losers and actives.
  6. Observe your money positions, balances and intraday changes.
  7. You can get ideas about current holdings and potential investments with the help of Notebook.
  8. You can get the advantage of placing a trade and quote from price trigger notification in your mobile.
  9. Get research information at Star Mine’s Equity Summary Score and Recognia and Trefis.

Why to Choose Fidelity Investments?

There are numerous reasons for why one should choose Fidelity investments in place of investing money in any other investment company. Some of the major reasons are given as under.

  • It provides guidance on different types such as retirement planning strategy, wealth management products, investment guidance tool which provide best decisions regarding investments regardless of experience.
  • One can discover investing ideas with unlimited research and tools.
  • At Fidelity, you have to spend just $7.95 to open your account. Also, there are no commission fees for bonds and options. You can also buy commission free ETFs from Fidelity and iShares online.
  • By using services like Mobile App and Active trader Pro you can get to know anything from everywhere. The calculators and tools help to make plans for retirement, make savings for college and much more so easy.
  • The customer services provided by Fidelity helps you to get answers to queries of any type help you to find everything you need.
  • The account and trade experience provides all information about your account and gives updates about the market so that you can decide your action accordingly.
  • By investing in multiple types of retirement accounts such as Traditional IRA, Roth and Rollover IRA one can enjoy retirement benefits at its best.
  • You can also ensure your beneficiaries by making an investment in Life Insurance plan so as to fulfil the financial needs of your family.
  • At Fidelity, you can enjoy latest technologies and best security practices to keep your accounts safe and also provide with safety tips while working online.
    In the end, we can say that Fidelity investments are equipped with all features of Discount Brokerage Service which include investment and banking services at your doorsteps. Fidelity investments can provide features from education to retirement and decent customer service at a great price.