FutureAdvisor is a digital investment manager and advisor that keenly focus in management of your investments. The company was founded in 2010, and registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It is a San Francisco based company which is reported to have around $600 million of assets currently under its management.

In 2015, the Company merged with BlackRock making it one of the most accurate investment managers. FutureAdvisor helps you to actively manage your investments by using modern portfolio theory which is also called as The MPT, that builds and maintains a portfolio to ascertain the level of risk and thereby maximizing you return. Some of major investors which the company comprises of include Devonshire Investors, Canvas Venture Fund, and Sequoia Capital.

FutureAdvisor Operations

In 2012, Company commenced its operation from where it has never looked back. The company has a team of qualified and competent professionals with great software engineers and finance professionals as its leaders alongside with a, well backed team of venture capital.

Future Advisor comprises of two major key areas that they offer:

  • Portfolio analysis service
  • Future Advisor Premium, which is direct management of investments

Any investor who wants a good investment opinion will love FutureAdvisor for the company’s free, personalized reference, which can be used on any account held at any broker. This service offers direct management of taxable investment accounts – both individual and joint. The company also offers direct management of IRAs, rollover, rollover and SEP IRAs.

With direct management, you grant the service the authority to trade in your accounts on your behalf. The latest update of Future Advisor has given a face-lift to some of their services and now has a whole new feature to help you reach all your desired life goals.

FutureAdvisor helps in automation of portfolio management with Software. It adjusts itself with desired risk and investor’s age both being key components of investor’s management.

How does Future Advisor Work?

FutureAdvisor works with TD Ameritrade accounts and Fidelity. The whole process is very simple. All you need to do is sign up with a free FutureAdvisor account, after signing up all you need to do is to link your investing accounts or manually report your holdings and other details about your inventory. Then proper analysis would be done of all your holdings through your dashboard and then this is presented to you all the kind of recommendations that are tailored according to your portfolio and the goals that you want to achieve and keeping in mind the amount of risk that you would like to take.
Remember that Future Advisor does charge their usual transaction fees for trades within the account. It charges 0.50% as your management fees. However minimum account balance needed to be kept is $10000. However these days new promotional offer of three months of free management is going on that will provide you free recommendations for a period of three months.

FutureAdvisor Pricing and Fees Charged

Service provides by FutureAdvisor is more reliable as compared with other companies at such low rates. Its pricing policies are as follows:

  • FutureAdvisor don’t charge any fees for retirement planning and investment advice, college savings, portfolio recommendations and for managing your 529 accounts. Moreover 401(k) retirement advice is completely free.
  • The rate charged by FutureAdvice for services, which include investment management costs only 0.50% on annual basis. The same fee is charged for low cost ETF in 529 accounts.

Services FutureAdvisor Provides

  • Index fund investing favoring low fee index funds.
  • Helping to do personalized diversification through a discrete portfolio based on your Age, Investment horizon and risk lenience
  • Low fees, by making portfolio fees transparent to help you pick lower fee options.
  • Focusing on high value and small-cap funds for greater long-term yields.
  • Tax harvest, by monitoring your holdings and looking for positions with at least $1,000 in harvestable losses at current market prices.

FutureAdvisor Features

Future Advisor offers three different services:

  • Retirement planning: This makes analysis of your funds, makes recommendations, and offers advice specifically tailored for your needs to make better yield of your portfolio and holdings in long term. Also this service comes for free.
  • Investment management: This service comes with a cost of 0.50% annually includes proper and dynamic management of your holdings. It only affects the assets you select for the company to directly manage.
  • College savings: It provides with free advice to help you create an optimized plan for your finances and future education plans of your children. This can handle disbursements to the school and it can open and manage your 529 accounts.
  • Comparison of Advisors: One benefit to using FutureAdvisor’s Investment Management service is that you get an access to a chart that will shows the difference of returns and fees when compared with traditional financial advisor.
  • Investing Library: Future Advisor has a complete library containing of free educational content and articles to help you find the answers to every economic question you are looking for. This helps you in getting tips to manage you financial goals and investments in a better way.

Why to choose FutureAdvisor?

Some of the best reasons to choose FutureAdvisor for investment purpose are given as follows:

  • FutureAdvisor is known for its best services for all the Fidelity and TD Ameritrade account holders.
  • FutureAdvisor directly manages college savings accounts for free. It walks you through the process of opening the accounts and then funding it, then scrutinizes and rebalances your investments as necessary as your child ages and the market fluctuates. FutureAdvisor also launched Future Gift in 2015, which allows parents to set up a asking for a contribution to a child’s college savings accounts so that friends and family can also contribute to it.
  • A hand off investors who want access to a financial advisor can approach FutureAdvisor. FutureAdvisor actually is way out of the standard robo-advisor and a hybrid service. The Company gives all its clients full access to financial advisors via phone, chat and email, five days a week. Users are also given an appointment with one of the advisors if they wish to have so. Alongside company’s investing algorithm “Each Trade” within an account is also monitored by a real person.

Wrapping Up

Future advisor is a trustworthy enterprise which assures greatest yields for the investors. All its plans seek to gain maximum output for anyone and siege its investors against risk. From past few years it has show a commanding growth in its assets and customer faith that is seeking its way to make it one of the best financial advisors.