The whole USA has flourished with new developments in finance and money sector. This has given rise to all new companies coming up with their new promising ideas to invest funds and earn maximum amount of capital gain. Another such company that has come up in this race of horses is the LearnVest. LearnVest is an American based financial company that has been founded by Alexa Von Tobel who is also the current CEO of the company.

The main aim and operation of the company includes selling of finance software. Its CEO Alexa entered Harvard Business School in 2008 but took a long leave from the school and launched LearnVest. The company is headquartered in the New York City whereas their Expert hub lies in Phoenix. LearnVest has also achieved a hall mark of being listed in TechCrunch 50 in 2009.

LearnVest Aim and Focus

When LearnVest started its operation it mainly focused on providing its services to woman who is unable to get in proper touch of the market. However since past LearnVest has gradually changed it scope to gender specific to financial management. And since then the Website has been much gender neutral. LearnVest was taken over by northwestern mutual which is a 150 year old giant financial planning firm. This has affected the aim and the focus of the company.

What exactly LearnVest is?

LearnVest is a financial management and planning software that links all your accounts so that your transactions can automatically be synced at only one location. These Services are free to use and help one to provide an idea of how much he is spending and on which things he is spending the most. The offers benefits which every user enjoy while connecting with LearnVest are:

  • LearnVest offers a wide range of accounts with it.
  • It show detailed budget statement.
  • LearnVest also provide personal capital budget.
  • LearnVest is also good in customer services as it has advice center where you can put up your questions and get answers to it according to it.

LearnVest Services

The major service of the company primarily focuses on behavior change and helps you to cut your expenses and budget yourself to your goals of investing your money. Also LearnVest Planners help their clients to make progress on their money invested. LearnVest offers three tier accesses to financial plans such as:-

1. Money Center Tool

The Money center tool helps its user to track their expenditure by visualizing their budgets and financial goals all through with the help of online system. Also alongside this build in budgeting system one can estimate its full goal tracking and keep an eye on analysis of trends. Money center tool allows you to do live co-viewing of your account and also the dashboard between the investor and his financial planner. Thus, offering multi tasking options at one place.

2. LearnVest Planning

LearnVest inc. has a subsidiary named LearnVest Planning. This company is a Registered Investment Advisor and this helps LearnVest to employ certified financial planners nationwide. As a registered SEC financial advisor, The Company is able to offer portfolio recommendations and general investment advice to their new and existing customers.

3. iPhone and iPad Apps

LearnVest has also released free apps on iPhone and iPad which are too useful and helps user to track their goals by curtailing their spending. The LearnVest app was also ranked as a new and noteworthy pick in the iTunes app store.

LearnVest Features

You can get access to basic features and detailed budget information for free at LearnVest. Another feature offered by LearnVest is creation of you own smart budget which is absolutely free. Your smart budget helps you get an idea of where you are at. All you need is to enter your income, loans, expenses, additional assets and liabilities, with your spending priorities.

Unfortunately, if you don’t want to link accounts, your ability to create the Smart Budget is a bit limited. However, you can set up manual accounts with information you have, and that will allow you to take advantage of many of the Smart Budget features, including tracking your net worth, and tracking how much of your budget you have used up each month.

Some of the tools offered by LearnVest do require internal linking, in that case if you avoid doing this; your budgets will be somewhat incomplete. However you can ask for free Financial Checkup from LearnVest which is a relatively new feature is allowing you to see exactly where you stand with your finances.

LearnVest Pricing

When we talk about pricing LearnVest is absolutely free. However it also comes with a paid option. If one wants to access the financial advice of the experts through you own dedicated planner this remains the best thing for you at cheap rate currently this is priced at nominal one time setup fee of $299 while every month $19 would be charged for uninterrupted ongoing support. However any one is not quite sure that how would the acquisition affect the pricing of this software whether it would decrease or increase but this fee continues until you cancel your plan.

Milestones Earned by LearnVest

  • LearnVest was featured in the list of TechCrunch 50 in 2009
  • Forbes’s even ranked this site on the Top 100 Websites that are useful for Women
  • LearnVest was even ranked by the Business Insider’s Digital 100 List
  • It was featured in the Time Magazine’s annual list of 50 Best Websites
  • FinovateFall Best of Show 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Also it was ranked as the most influential websites of the year 2014.


LearnVest Pros

  • Comprehensive and diversified budgeting: All of the main focus of the LearnVest is the budgeting section
  • Educational Articles: The library offering great educational articles helps in improving the finances for any person.
  • Financial Planning Available: If you need any help with your finances LearnVest offers live financial advisors at nominal fees


LearnVest Cons

  • However only one feature that is lacked by investing reporting is that unlike the personal capital LearnVest total focus comes on budgeting thus its investing section is quite weak.