Not much companies offer apps that support bill paying options all those that are built are mostly poorly designed and some are very hard to use. Another thing is that number of apps of bill paying you need to have would clearly depend on the number of bills you want to pay. Like if you want to pay three bills you would need three different apps and another app to keep a total of all those expenditure you have done on those three.

If you are suffering from the similar problem than Mint Bills is the gift which is created only for you. This app lives up to its promise to merge your monthly bill responsibilities all into a single app and also assures that none of your payment misses out.

Why Mint Bills?

Due to variety of startups coming these days there has been a saturation point in the account tracking software. But Mint Bills is absolutely different from all of them. However it does not offer you with any budgeting or financial planning facility like those provided by mint.com, it has a supreme ability to view all of your bills, sort them according to schedule, then schedule the payments and also to ensure that you have enough funds to cover all of them. The greatest thing is that it offers something that seems to be a rare thing in such similar programs that is the simplicity and easiness of work provided by the company. And one could clearly say that just like mint.com it is the cleanest financial apps that one could ever see with everything sorted where it needs to be. So if you are looking for something that is effective and at the same time offers you a great degree of simplicity then your only way out could be Mint Bills.

How does it work?

First of all the basic thing you will need to start will be a Mint Bills account. This account is different from a regular mint account so you need to register separately for it. This means regardless of the fact that you are already a user of the money management services of mint, you’ll have to sign up for the Mint Bills account discretely and separately, as both of the services are totally independent of each other. Also any of the bank account or loan account that you have in your mint account will not be displayed here in Mint Bills. You can enroll yourself with mint bill by just making an account with you email id and password.

When you sign up for your first time the app asks you for the zip code of your area so the utility and communication companies in your area can easily be identified. Let’s take an example of sans Francisco this would mean pacific gas and electric company and Comcast i.e. is the TV and Internet company and also the san Francisco’s water department. Along with the local utilizes of each area it also offers you name of some major wireless carriers and banks including the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Verizon and others services like AT&T. It may be considered as a minor feature but this feature really makes setup on Mint Bills little easier.

Over all Functioning and Pricing of Mint Bills

The major feature of Mint Bills is that it helps to monitor your bank accounts and your credit cards. Also stays on top of your bills all in one place. It alerts you when your bills are due or your funds are low. Some major steps to create account on Mint Bills are:

  1. Sign up by entering your email address and creating a password.
  2. Irrespective of fact that you’re already a Mint.com user you will have to create new username and password. As intuit has yet not integrated all the three services of quicken mint and Mint Bills accounts.
  3. Then add your accounts with Mint Bills. Like all other programs you need to link your login information of your bank accounts and credit cards and now your accounts are successfully attached with it.

Mint Bills is an app that would aggregate all your account like your insurance statements or other utility statements and pay all the bills via the apps. However it should be noted that Mint Bills is quite different from Mint.com as it is an app solemnly devoted for budgeting your transaction and view all the balances that you have.

What’s best about Mint Bills?

You know the best part about Mint Bills? Once you link your accounts, you don’t have to program in bill due dates. It’s automatically updated for you. When you link a credit card, you will see your balance, minimum payment due, APR fees for the year (which are hopefully $0), due date, interest rate and recent transactions.

When you link a bank account, you will see your balance and recent transactions. Unlike some programs that only allow you to link your cash, credit, and investment accounts, Mint Bills also lets you link bill accounts, such as utilities, insurance policies, and internet or phone service.

Instead of having to login to each of these accounts each month to pay your bills, you can schedule all payments through Mint Bills. Since the app reminds you of your due dates, you won’t miss a payment again and again.

With Mint Bills you can manage payments to credit card companies, utility providers, lenders, and even your landlord.

Other positives of Mint Bills

The new dashboard made by Mint Bills shows you the total amount of cash you have the bills you owe, your status after this month, your payments that are due and the credit card debt and investment balances and also other offers.

Other features include the ability to manage existing connected accounts, view reports, access your settings, and add new accounts. You’ll also receive coupons for various retails stores, and credit card recommendations and offers on other financial products, such as mortgage lenders, insurance companies, etc.