Plenti is a reward program which was launched on May 4, 2015 and created by American Express. It was created with the aim of motivating shoppers so as to earn reward points through variety of purchases. It enables users to earn reward points at one retailer and use those points at another retailer enrolled in the program. Some of the active participating retailers of Plenti include Direct Energy, AT&T Mobility, ExxonMobil, Enterprise Rent –A-Car, Hulu, Nationwide Insurance, Macy’s and Rite Aid.

What Exactly Plenti Mean?

Plenti in simple words is a new reward program which works in a similar way in which any other reward programs works so as to let their users to earn reward points and purchase goodies. With Plenti you can earn points with several retailers and for this there is no need to have any credit card to earn points. It is similar to as thinking of a drug store loyalty or grocery card which works at different kind of stores and shops available.

You can also earn Plenti points on your cash back or other rewards which you are already earning on your attached credit cards.

For example every 1,000 Plenti points makes total of $10 or more and you can use the same amount on any purchase with Mobil, Macy’s, Exxon and Rite Aid by simply using your required Plenti Card or by providing your personal phone number.

Best ways to earn Plenti Points

There are basically two major ways with which you can earn your Plenti Points. It is explained as below:

1. Automatically Earning Points

The first method to earn Plenti Points automatically is through doing shopping or any other business activities with the companies which are participating with Plenti Points. For this all you need is to register or link your account so as to start earning points through some businesses. There is no need to have any special credit card for that but you will need your genuine credit card in order to pay for your purchases.

2. Activating all specific offers in Advance

You are always going to earn some Plenti points when you are going to purchase something from all the stores which have their tie – up with Plenti. Another benefit which you get is that you can earn even more Plenti points by registering for some special deals online. Once you sign up with Plenti, or download its required app you can see all the required details there. Also Plenti wants all their members to be active and participate in offers which Plenti is offering and for this the firm is ready to offers some more points in case you register with them in advance.

How many Plenti Points that you can earn?

Plenti always want their customers to more points with them and for this their offers keep on changing. Meaning that your earning will not be stable and special deals and promotion which you might see can be there for few minutes or days. With this Plenti entice you to shop with participating merchants.

In general participating users will be getting at least one point per dollar which they spend with each merchant. For example with every participating company you will be getting different points which totally depend upon the policies which those companies are having.

Using your Plenti Points

Plenti points can be used for part of purchases which are done at some registered companies such as Rite Aid, Exxon, and Mobil etc. When done with shopping with these stores, all you need is to swipe your card and input your card number or phone number at the time of payments. Your points will be deducted automatically at the time of your payments of your purchases.

Redeeming your Plenti Points

You can redeem some of your Plenti Points on the spot with participating merchants. You are also given option to redeem your Plenti points online. There is no way that your Plenti points will not be sent to you at the time of your purchase, therefore there is no need to worry for your required Plenti points.

Getting Registered with Plenti

Opening an account at Plenti.com is very easy and it will hardly take ten minutes to complete your signup process. You need to submit all the necessary details such as Name, address, DOB, email address and the required pin for completion of the process.

Also there is a need to link your Plenti rewards account with some of the participating stores separately so as to avail exciting offers and deals. Moreover there are some of the Plenti partners which don’t require such linking as with them you will automatically earn your Plenti points when you swipe your Plenti card or submit your registered phone number to them.

One thing which you need to remember is that your Plenti card is not your credit card; it will be just a loyalty card which you can use in some stores so as to earn some Plenti points.

Exact Worth of your Plenti Points

The real worth of your Plenti points is as least one cent each. Therefore if you are able to collect 1,000 Plenti points than you will be getting at least $10 as a reward of your purchases done by you.