QuickBooks online is an accounting software package which is developed by “Intuit”. All the products at QuickBooks are mainly used for small business enterprises and for making payments regarding business, payment of bills and payroll functions. The software was developed in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in California, USA. The earlier versions of the software were only for small business but newly released software is now available for use by Manufacturers, Contractors and Retailers etc.

The users of QuickBooks online have to pay monthly fees and he can access the software by his web browser. The another facility of QuickBooks is that it has taken the place of retailer’s cash register and record his sales, customers information and inventory records and has managed his business in the best way.

Characteristics of QuickBooks Online

The important characteristics of QuickBooks online which makes it best among other similar software are:

  • Cheap and best price

The QuickBooks online has best and reasonable packages for its customers involved in different types of Businesses. It offers accounting features for consultants, freelancers, online merchants and many other service providers at just $9.99 every month which is also the cheapest plan offered by the company. However, it provides all the required features so that new business owners and small enterprises can easily manage their investments and cash. You can also enlarge its features by just changing the monthly plan to meet the growing needs of businesses.

  • Easy to operate

It is very simple and easy to use QuickBooks online for new users. After signing in you are asked about your company to create a customized dashboard and then you have to connect your bank accounts and credit cards to the dashboard. You also need to add data related to vendor information, new hires and new customers. The dashboard is updated automatically for the convenience of users. Other important information displayed on the dashboard includes financial status of its customers, paid invoices, expenses made by the company, profit and loss statement of the company and what to do next. In other words, we can say that the health of your business is visible when you log in.

  • Time-saving techniques and methods

The QuickBooks provides automation of all the works which make them less time consuming and less worrying for the business owners. All the work from recurring invoice, payment of bill and credit card transactions can be automated by the software. You can also create reports by built-in reports collection. Another feature is email invoices so that payments are made quickly.

  • Customer Support and Services

QuickBooks online can be used both from phone and chat and you can easily access the QuickBooks account. But if the person wants to solve the problems himself there are many resources available which include mainly Learn and Support Knowledgebase, QuickBooks blog, learning Centre and advisers at intuit which can give the best possible solution to your problems.

  • Other Benefits

The best feature of QuickBooks online is it has all the features of an accountant so there is no need to take any tensions regarding accountant because all the accountants mostly use QuickBooks online. They can easily make tax calculation and manage finances with it.

Free Trial of QuickBooks online

You can enjoy the free trial version of QuickBooks online software for better understanding of its key features without any credit card. After 30 days you have to pay $10 every month to enjoy the regular subscription.

QuickBooks Online Mobile App

The mobile app of QuickBooks online is available for I-Phone, I-Pad, and Android users so that you can take benefits of the software while sitting at remote places. You can also enjoy free one month trial on your smart phone if you have subscribed QuickBooks online software.

QuickBooks Online Software Functions

The QuickBooks Online offers many functions to its users and some of them are given as follows:

  1. Book-keeping: You can save your time with book-keeping software at QuickBooks online. There are many varieties of Book-Keeping software with best features and capabilities.
  2. Online Banking Facility: The QuickBooks online provides online Banking facility to users so that all the transactions are recorded and downloaded automatically so that annual data entry errors are removed. It also put the information in different categories with 100 % security and safety.
  3. Modify your Invoices: You can modify your invoices add a detailed description of items which you want to add to invoice. You can also create automatic invoices to save time and efforts and then deliver it to customers by email. You can also send regular invoices to customers which are generated automatically.
  4. Simplification of Billing: QuickBooks online help to provide timely bills to customers. The process of making bills is very simple and you just have to follow simple steps. Also, bills can be customized according to need and these bills are sent automatically to regular customers for their convenience. QuickBooks can create memorised billing transactions so that customers are sent bills at regular interval and by doing this your time is saved.

QuickBooks Online Summary

QuickBooks online is a favourite accounting software for small-scale businesses and enterprises. With this software, you can manage your finances easily without any kind of wastage of time. The best thing about QuickBooks online is that you can take trial version for 30 days and test all the features offered by it. It also provides multi-user support for up to 5 users so that you can easily grant access to your accountant and other related people to see your books. It also provides ease of reconciliation and has a user-friendly interface. In addition to this it offers best customer support services to satisfy their customers. You can call anytime to get information of any kind at their customer service desk. Some other editions of QuickBooks online are also available which are QuickBooks Online-Simple Start, QuickBooks Online-Essentials and QuickBooks Online-Plus. These editions are available at the price of $12.95 per month, $26.95 per month and $39.95 per month respectively. And for new users, QuickBooks Online (Simple Start) is the best option to start with.