Shutterstock is a stock photography, stock music and stock footage provider company which were found in 2003 by famous photographer “Jon Oringer”. Headquartered in New York City, New York Shutterstock has collection of over 85,235,059 royalty-free stock of high-quality and vetted stock images, video, and music which also made Shutterstock one of the best microstock website.

Shutterstock is among “Big 6” stock photo companies which rules the Internet world and they also acclaimed that their website is user friendly, simplified and elegant. Shutterstock is the main licensor of images, music and video clips. It licenses it on the behalf of photographers, illustrators, musicians and videographers. According to a 2014 survey, the website adds around 50,000 new images daily from 60,000 contributors in 150 countries.

Shutterstock Features

  • Largest online collection: Shutterstock is the largest royalty free collection worldwide with a total of 80 million images in collection.
  • Versatility in choices and sizes: Shutterstock offers you different types of images like simple photos, Illustrations, icons, vectors. The images at Shutterstock are available for users in three different JPEGs sizes such as Large, Medium and Small. Along with this merchandising users are given enhanced License TIFF option which allows unlimited runs. The license at Shutterstock varies according to use of images such as it depends on user intention (editorial or commercial), image size, and the commercial usage of image. Moreover once can also size any particular image as large as possible with the help of image vectors.
  • Huge video database: Shutterstock also has a large collection of more than 3.5 million video clips out of which 2.5 are fully HD.
  • Ultra-convenient stats: Shutterstock provide all sales of your pictures and videos alongside referral earnings on a single page with a row for each day of the month.
  • Innovative searching tools: You don’t need to spend hours searching for your content as Shutterstock offers you advanced and innovative tools like the Shutterstock labs that helps you to find out the thing that you need using appropriate keyword.
  • Ease in payment: Shutterstock even accepts all the payment modes for any payments to be made. All payment modes like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and many other also.
  • Movement of the Watermark: Shutterstock offers you option of changing the position of watermark so if your subject resides on one site of image it can be protected and made easily visible.
  • Productive referral program: Shutterstock offer a referral program that performs extremely well when referring contributors and gives you full data reporting.
  • Easy License distribution: Shutterstock has standard and superior licenses with limited editorial licensed images available.  They warn you about the images that can’t be used for templates and do have a merchandising option. They offer you proper licensing terms and conditions so that you do not use images incorrectly or unlawfully and know when to buy the enhanced license.

Shutterstock Plans and pricing

Shutterstock may offer royalty-free Shutterstock images, music and videos. But along with this it also offers some plans for photo buyers. It offers three different types of plans for them which is explained below.

Basic: With this plan you get a whole new access to licensed images. The company offers you two types of image packs under this subscription. One of them is the $49 pack that offers you to download 5 licensed images use them for commercial and editorial purposes. While $229 plan offers you 25 images for download.

Professional: This plan is made for people who require plenty of licensed images as it allows you to download around 750 images in a month at a price of $199 per month while 340 images can be downloaded when you pay $169 per month. There is no daily limit of download

Team: This plan offers team subscription when you work in a team. If you have 2 team users you need to pay $299 per month and you get 750 images per month per user for 1 year. 3 users need to pay $399 per month and all three users can avail the same feature. While $499 per month need to be paid for 4 or more users while the prices would vary for the number of users. Also in case you download 750 images you will be paying $0.33 per image but if you subscribe for yearly plan the rate which will cost you will be $0.25 per image. So as long as you commit with Shutterstock you can save a bit of money even while downloading more images.

Why to choose Shutterstock?

Free Images

Shutterstock take proper care of their customers as they release 2 free images weekly that include 1 stock photo and 1 vector image for their registered members.


Shutterstock post very useful information on daily basis that include many designer tips, software tutorials and many new additions to the database.

Graphic Design Tips and Tricks 

Shutterstock offers Tips & Tricks that can be a very helpful resource for users. Many articles cover variety of topic thus enhance the knowledge of graphic design for its users. The information is periodic but can be very useful for designers who need or could benefit from some extra information.

Shutterstock Pros

  • Shutterstock offers subscription plans for people with different budgets and different uses.
  • The website stores let users to download millions of vetted images (high quality) for royalty-free usage.
  • The Shutterstock Website is easy to navigate and very user friendly with nice and beautiful graphics.
  • It offers excellent tools which have well organized collections with excellent search capabilities
  • Unlike many sites it does not only offers just images, but much more than that. You can download all types of royalty-free multimedia.
  • Any businesses can choose enhanced licenses in fact for going with standard license.
  • Shutterstock has the best royalty free image collection in the world.