SigFig is an online portfolio manager which was started as wikinvest in 2006. It is registered under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It majorly focuses on transparency and accessibility. In may 2012 wikinvest decided to change its name to SigFig. SigFig uses series patent-pending algorithms, which assesses the amount of holdings you have according to diversification, performance and cost. Moreover it also helps in determining the amount of potential gains you could earn by trading on the kind of capital.

SigFig Features and Pricing

Link all your investment account with SigFig. After you have linked all of your investment accounts, SigFig then gives recommendations and exhibits the performance and qualities of your entire portfolio.

Users of SigFig can keep their assets with their existing brokerage. SigFig reinvests your money using unbiased algorithms and balances the portfolio for optimal risk and maximizing returns with constant supervising and automatic rebalancing.

SigFig offers the holding section which could be very useful for those who have multiple accounts with different brokers which these days are quite common. SigFig gives a detailed view of your complete portfolio.

SigFig also has partnership with Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade, therefore the company’s investment strategies work to draft an analysis then monitor and improve any portfolio, automatically solemnly by balancing and diversifying investments, while reducing risk and minimizing fees.


SigFig offer three tiers of products:

  • Asset Management — This product helps you to keep your portfolio balanced and diversified, helps in maximizing your investment earning potential. It comes at minimal cost of 0.25 percent annual fee. However a minimum investment of $2,000 is mandatory.
  • Portfolio Tracking — This offers a free tracking tool which aggregates your entire investment portfolio in one glance. It is absolutely free and also does not require any amount of minimum investment
  • Diversified Income — This product helps you to make the most of your certificate deposits, bonds, U.S Treasuries and bank interest rates in this low-rate environment. This comes just at a cost of 0.50 percent annually with a minimum investment required of $100,000.

To capitalize on SigFig services, once you watch your entire portfolio and then measure it against our optimized version, then you can keep rebalancing it and checking it with the Managed Account option. SigFig will manage up to $10,000 for free and then it comes at a reasonable cost of 0.25 percent annually, which will be billed each month. It is cleared with the help of given table.

Products Minimum Deposit Annual Fees
Asset Management $2,000 0.25 percent
Portfolio tracking Nil Nil
Diversified Income $10000 0.50 percent

SigFig is a robo-advisor that connects to existing accounts, all the others advisors require investors to hand over cash in order to properly invest which usually is a lengthy procedure. However, the new feature that is given by SigFig is absolutely free and takes only few minutes for doing a deep analysis of your portfolio and then helps you to identify the mistakes that are made by any common investor. All you need to do is:-

  1. Enter all the credentials for your investment accounts and then answer the questions that are offered on the risk assessment questionnaire.
  2. Guidance makes a deep analysis of your portfolios and drills down to compare and contrast current allocations.
  3. Your report tells the problematic aspects in your investments and then accordingly gives you tailored recommendation for an optimized portfolio that avoids common mistakes.

SigFig Mobile App

You can enjoy benefits offered by SigFig with the help of official SigFig mobile app. SigFig offer its mobile app on platforms such as Ipad, Iphone, Apple Watch, Windows 8 tablet and Android users. To make use of mobile app first of all you need to set up your required account on the SigFig website and after that it is pretty easy to use same features on mobile device too. When compared with other investing companies’ app SigFig mobile app is one of the best investment app for active smartphone traders.

How SigFig helps you to increase your earnings?

Computer automated investing mangers are in great trend these days. But do all of them provide you with funds of protection against market risks. Letting Software to manage all your portfolios may seem scary to some investors, but in case if you trust SigFig then this offers you a lot of benefits. Unlike some personal brokers, SigFig is not interested in taking any percentage of your administered assets. Although a huge part of its revenue comes just from referrals to brokerages and advisors, however SigFig’s recommendations are based on algorithms and remain bias-free.

Also, SigFig’s managed accounts have consistently improved their investment performance in past years by an average increase of 4.5%, making it an easy way for investors with small portfolios to get quality investment advisory services for a very affordable price.

SigFig’s major point of attention is an important feature that can be very useful as it shows all the information on SigFig’s free-to-use dashboard, even without a managed account, which allows you to import your portfolios and rate of your own risk taking ability. After you add your information, this program critically calculates the best allocation of your holdings in just a matter of seconds. It has free live-streaming of data, so you can get a close and concrete as well as detailed view of your portfolio and then contrast your earnings with different type of indexes, such as the standard index of Dow Jones and S&P 500.

SigFig also offers advisor analysis that is available on the dashboard; this allows investors to contrast the fee that is charged by their advisor and the performance of their portfolios. If the portfolio you have is not performing well, this feature offers advices for better in-person advisors near you.

SigFig assures you trust as all the financial advisors who are recommended have been strongly tied up by SigFig only after they meet certain performance requirements.


  • Free tracking feature — The Portfolio Tracking feature that we offer is completely free.
  • Free portfolio review — SigFig’s expert financial advisors provide admiring portfolio reviews.
  • No annual fee — First $10,000 in managed funds are done absolutely free without the regular annual fee.
  • Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts — Both types of accounts are available.


  • Inaccurate advice — The recommended portfolio advice as is computer based thus can be a bit inaccurate.
  • High-fees funds — The funds that are recommended by SigFig are sometimes ones with high fees.