TD Ameritrade is an American based online stockbroker centred in Omaha, Nebraska which is owned by TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation. The main services rendered by this stock company includes common and preferred stocks, option trades, mutual funds, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed income, option trades and cash management services. The company started as small investment banking firm initially but later it was developed as a clearing broker in 1983 and named as Trans Terra Company in 1987. In the year 1988, the first quote was launched by the company. In January 2006, Ameritrade merged with TD Bank and was renamed as TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade Fees and Commission

The fees and commission charged by the company is not the cheapest amongst other online trading firms like E*Trade, Charles Schwab, TradeKing etc. But the rate charged from investors is easily affordable for them.

TD Ameritrade offers many investment options for active as well as non active traders such as Stocks, Bonds, Preferred Stock, Mutual Funds, Money Market accounts etc. One can also open a margin account at TD Ameritrade. Till now the company has 100+ different branch offices where professional investments consultants are there to help new and existing customers.

Stock Trades Option Base Options Contract Minimum Deposit Mutual Funds
$9.99 $9.99 $0.75 $0 $0.00

Why to choose TD Ameritrade

There are many online stock brokers companies but major things about TD Ameritrade which makes it best among other online brokers are mentioned below:

  • Low Opening deposit

The best reason to invest in the company is that it charges just $50 or $100 investment fees to open an account, unlike other online brokerage companies. So, it becomes easy for large and small investors to start their investments immediately.

  • Low fees for Transactions

TD Ameritrade charges fees of $9.99 for any transaction which is very low in comparison with other companies. Also, it renders a large number of services at a very reasonable price without any maintenance fees.

  • Multiple Trading Tools

The Company offers multiple trading tools to the investors. With the help of these tools investors can access their account by mobile phone easily. Also, the application can be used in type of phone such as Blackberry, Android, Iphone and Windows. The users of this company also access Command Centre 2.0, Quote Scope, Strategy desk etc. All these tools help active traders to perform trading simple and easy.

  • Large Number of investment options

The company provides near about 1200 mutual funds and near about 529 plans for investment. The funds generated from there can be used in Standard account or in Retirement account.

  • Empowered Educational Resources

The investors can have access to educational resources and also they get to know about latest strategies and theories of the company to develop informed approach about investment.

There are mainly four types of accounts in TD Ameritrade which are as follows:

  • Standard Account: The standard account type is very flexible and includes mainly individuals, tenants, community property, guardianship and Joint tenants. This account offer mainly cash and margins along with minimum investment and qualification of clients applied.
  • Retirement Account: This account gives tax advantages for retirement. The main types are Traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA and Simple IRA. The initial minimum deposit is absent in this type of account and has different rules of eligibility and withdrawals.
  • Education Account: This type of account provides tax advantages while investing for higher education. The main types are 529 plans Custodial UGMA/UTMA and Coverdell Education account.
  • Speciality Accounts: This account is designed to achieve a number of financial goals and offer exceptional advantages to achieve those goals. The main type includes Trust, Limited Partnership, Partnership, Investment club, Corporate, Sole Proprietorship, Small Business, Non- Incorporated.

How to open an Account with TD Ameritrade: The process to open an account with TD Ameritrade is quite easy and you have to follow a few simple steps. The entire procedures take few minutes and require the Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification number along with personal details of the applicant.

While opening an account the third party information provider is required to verify the details of applicant and driving license along with some other documents will be asked. The application is not for use by residents of Canada, Singapore and UK.

Investment products and Pricing policy of TD Ameritrade: The main investment products, trading options and educational resources at TD Ameritrade are mentioned below along with their pricing policy:

  1. Stocks: The Stocks are the basis for portfolio investments without any access and subscription fees along with the help from skilled and experienced professionals. The price of Stock at TD Ameritrade is $9.99.
  2. Options: Options are the opportunities provided to qualified traders with advantages of no platform fees, no minimum amounts for trading, and advice from specialists and idea generating tools. The price of Options is &9.99 plus $0.75 per contact.
  3. Bonds and CDs: the Bonds and CDs are introduced to lower down the risk and for providing a variety of portfolio investments. The selection tools, free of cost research and educational resources of TD Ameritrade help to find best bonds and CDs for making an investment.
  4. Bond and CDs Price
    Treasury bond at Auction $25.00
    All other bonds, New issued CDs, Secondary CDs On net yield
    New issued UITs, Secondary UITs Placement fees from issuer
  5. Futures: The futures provide diversity in investment, leverage assets and TD Ameritrade provides free advice from future market experts and professional help all the time. The price of futures is $2.25 per contact with exchange and regulatory fees.
  6. Forex: Forex means trading in international currencies and this open up worldwide opportunities for investors. With free access and tools like Foreign Currency Map, CNBC International and papermoney you can get ideas and opportunities very fast.

Tools and Platforms by TD Ameritrade: The tools and platforms by the company provide best services to traders and investors without concerning with their knowledge level. Some of best tools are:

  • Web: Users of every level can make use of this tool which offers on-demand videos, third party research, planning tools and many others.
  • Trade architect: This platform is accessible free of cost to TD Ameritrade clients and offers a more updated approach to trading. The main features of this platform are real time videos from CNBC, market alerts, third- party research, presentation in the form of customised charts.
  • Thinkorswim: This is a platform for professional level investors and provides tools like Market Monitor, Beta Weighting, Charting Package and Learning Centre with Swim Lessons.
  • Mobile Tool: For the users who want to have access to TD Ameritrade everywhere in the absence of desktop the mobile app of the company help to provide tools and resources required to observe the market investment ideas and place trade all in your pocket. The facilities provided by the mobile tool are easy account management, free check deposit upto $10000, streaming quotes and accessible by any type of phones such as I-Phone and Android devices.