Upwork which were formerly known as Elance – Odesk is a powerful platform for freelancers where independent professionals and businesses connects globally and work remotely for each other. Upwork was formed on December 18, 2013 with the collaboration of Elance and Odesk. The Headquarters of the company lies in Mountain View, California and the CEO of the company is Stephane Kasriel. These days it is a perfect example of a freelancer website which is easy to use and offer work smoothness to both freelancer and hiring parties.

According to recent reports Upwork has registered freelancers of almost nine million and registered clients with exceptional figure of more than four million till now. On an average more than three million jobs are posted on annual basis which worth total of $1 billion USD and this makes Upwork world’s largest marketplace for freelancers.

Upwork Features and Benefits

As compared with other freelancing marketplace such as Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, WorkNhire etc Upwork has gained lot of success and is ranked at number one position all because it offers flexibility to both freelancers and hiring parties. Some of the major features of Upwork are explained as follows:

  • Free Membership / Registration – The signup process at Upwork is very easy and it does not require any fees as Upwork offer free membership. This free membership offer zero risk to both freelancers and clients. All you need to do is create an account and search for required job which match your skills. It is often seen that clients are actively searching for skilled freelancers on Upwork, so there are chances that any client can look after your profile and assign you job.
  • Best Portal to find Partial and Full Time Work – Everyone want to increase their source of income by doing jobs as per their skills and Upwork is always there to accomplish your goals. There is no boundation to work for specific numbers of hours on Upwork which means you are free to choose your own working hours. Though your client can ask you for to give more time as per job assigned, but still it is a very good deal to make money as per your choice.
  • Proficiency Tests – This feature allow freelancers to check whether they are good enough to serve the requirements of their clients. Upwork offer various proficiency test for different skills such as English Vocabulary test, Search Engine Optimization Test, Photoshop Test, etc. One can take any test as per his required skills and add this to his Upwork profile so as to impress new clients.
  • Large Network to find Job – With Upwork one can find any job which suits his skills. Just by signing up once can find job which he/she can do is better way. In case of hiring parties, they get access to millions of freelancers which can help them in completing their specific job whether it is web designing, programming, typing etc.

Upwork Fees and Commission charged

All the payments made by clients to hired freelancers go through secure system which Upwork has. There are basically two ways in which Upwork charge for their services, the first one is “per hour” basis and second one is “per job” basis. Both the methods have their own pros and cons but the fact is each method allows flexibility to both freelancers and the hiring party when they come in agreement related to any job.

On hourly job freelancers are paid on the basis of hourly rate which their settle with their clients for example if any freelancer has hourly rate of $4 per hour and he works for 20 hours per week than total payment which he will receive will be $80. In this case there is no risk of not being paid by client. On other side if any freelancer has settled an agreement in fixed job, then he will be paid only when he is satisfied with your work. The client which hires any freelancer will set a milestone each time when the job is completed. For example if client has budget of $500 he can split that amount to two milestones (or more) making each milestone of $250.

To make or receive payments you can add your Credit Card, PayPal Account and Bank Account. Upwork deduct 10% fee from the rate which freelancer charge from any client.

Note = From June, 2016 Upwork will charge new rates from freelancers as well as clients which you can see in the image given below

Why to Choose Upwork?

Well there are many reasons to choose Upwork but some of the major one is given as follows:

  • Upwork is completely a free resource where freelancers and clients join together so as to work for the betterment of each of them.
  • From Sign Up procedure to receiving payment, each process is very flexible and easy to understand
  • As far as security is concerned, Upwork is totally secure and fraud free.
  • 24*7 Customer Support is there in case freelancer or hiring party faces any difficulty.
  • Additional badges such as Top rated employees, Top paid, Rising Talent provides motivation to freelancers to work more and satisfy their clients by providing best quality work.

Upwork Mobile App

Upwork has made recent updation in its mobile app and with the new feature freelancers can apply on job which is as per their requirement by making use of mobile app. The app offered by Upwork allows freelancers and clients to text each other so as to discuss more about job posted. Client can even ask for samples from freelancers to as to test his required skills. Upwork mobile app is available for Iphone, Ipad, Android and Windows phone users and is also very easy to use.

Additional Information

Company Name = Upwork (Formerly oDesk)
Industry Type = Freelance Marketplace, Online Outsourcing
Founded In = Mountain View, California 2015
Headquarters = Mountain View, California
Area Served = Worldwide
Key People = Stephane Kasriel (CEO), Thomas Layton (Chairman)
Website Address = www.Upwork.com